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    The Zone

    The Zone is a natural human state in which your mind, feelings and body coordinate perfectly to optimise your performance. The key to entering…

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    Zen is a simple path to individual freedom that uses mindfulness to calm emotions, clear your mind and relax your body. It is the perfect…

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    Zen Zone Coaching

    Your Goal is to live, work & play in The Zone – your Challenge is to master the art of entering The Zone. This coaching will speed…

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    Zen Zone Seminars

    Zen Zone Seminars are designed for private individuals and corporations to enable you to achieve high standards quickly by…

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  • lilly_02
    “Do not investigate phenomena: investigate the mind.”
    “If you investigate the mind, you’ll know the one thing which resolves all.”
    “If you don’t investigate the mind, you can know everything but be forever stuck on one.”  Padmasambhava, First Buddhist missionary to Tibet
    “A good life is one where you develop your strengths, realise your potential and become what it is in your nature to become.”  Aristotle

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