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Why are you here? Why have you visited a website about personal development? My guess is that you have a feeling that something is missing in your life? Perhaps a feeling that there could be so much more to your life? That you could achieve more? That you could be more? But what….? The Power Line will help you.

When asked to identify goals many people will describe the ‘things’ they want like cars, houses, a partner, a certain lifestyle. But what are these ‘things’? Why are they important? It is interesting that most big lottery winners go on spending sprees; they buy all the ‘things’ they have always wanted. They buy more and more, but they often end up unhappy – why?

The truth is that owning ‘things’ does not improve the quality of our lives. Certainly the absence of things creates a feeling of “wanting” but getting those ‘things’ does not seem to fill the vacuum of “wanting”.

So, what’s going on here?

Having coached many thousands of people over the past 20 years it is my belief that what human beings really want is to feel happy, to feel contented, to feel that they belong, to have a sense of purpose, to feel that they are successful, to feel loved. The ‘things’ that we crave are no more than external symbols that we are successful, that we belong.

The question then is: “what do I have to do to be happy?”

Abraham Maslow, the famous American psychologist said: “Once the powerful needs for food, security, love and self-esteem are satisfied, a deep desire for creative expression and self-actualization rises to the surface.”

The challenge that most of us face is that we become so caught up in our “powerful needs” that we do not allow ourselves sufficient room for “creative expression and self-actualisation”. And because we are not expressing ourselves we feel a “lack” in our lives. We achieve a state of perpetually wanting.

Maslow also said: “For a human being to be happy they must become what they can become.” I devised The Achievement Line to enable you to become what you can become.

My personal development journey started with wanting to find ways to improve myself. This was driven by my dissatisfaction with my performance at work and by much personal unhappiness. I started back in the 1970’s by studying NLP. Since then I have studied Buddhism, psychology, philosophy and learned from the thousands of people who have come to me for coaching sessions and workshops.

My journey has not yet ended, but I do know that I am much less stressed and fearful; I am much happier and more able to express my feelings; and the quality of my life has improved greatly.

Why do I want to help you? The truthful answer is that I do not have a logical explanation. I do know that my career profile says that I should be a “teacher”. I also know that I get a great feeling of having satisfied a purpose when clients tell me that their lives are better, or happier, or more fulfilling, or less stressful, or more rewarding. This usually seems to mean that they have found a means of “creative expression or self-actualisation”.

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