David Ferrers Achievement Coach

David Ferrers Achievement Coach

Coaching, Workshops & Books to Enable You to

Live a Wonderful Life!

  • David Ferrers Achievement Coach

    SWAP Workshops

    Total immersion workshops designed to change the way that you think and behave. Stress and anxiety are SWAPPED for the ability to lead a Wonderful Life.


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  • David Ferrers Achievement Coach

    SWAP Personal Coaching

    Using video conferencing, you are coached to develop your own unique ways to overcome stress and anxiety. You then work on creating a Wonderful Life.

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  • David Ferrers Achievement Coach

    SWAP Group Coaching

    SWAP Group Coaching is a more cost-effective, fun way to master the art of SWAPPING inhibiting behaviours for the positive behaviours that enable you to life a Wonderful Life.

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  • David Ferrers Achievement Coach

    91-Day Challenge

    You build self-understanding and change your thinking & behaviour over 91 consecutive days so that you overcome stress & anxiety & start to lead a Wonderful Life.

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Coaching & Workshops That Open The Path to a Wonderful Life


     How You Achieve 

    When your conscious thoughts are in charge of your feelings and actions you can make your life the way you want it to be. Then you can lessen the impact of your unconscious habits so that you live more in the present moment. And that is where most of us need help. Our coaching and workshops will help and support you with techniques for taking charge of your mind and emotions. You will then better understand how to operate yourself so that you can life a Wonderful Life.
     Our Mission is to enable you:
    To live a life filled with fulfilment and happiness. 
    To live in the present moment. 
    To overcome the stress and anxiety that ruins lives. 
    To overcome the habits of your unconscious mind that steal your power. 
    To overcome the obstacles that prevent you becoming everything you can become. 
     To find your true self so that you become the person you are meant to be. 
    To feel that your life has purpose and meaning. 

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