Fill Your Life With Meaning, Happiness, Love and Prosperity

The way I see it my role as your coach is to enable you to coach yourself to become everything you can become.

“How do I express my natural talents and abilities in a way that makes me feel good about myself?” This is a question I am often asked. I eventually found an answer. Let me tell you my story.

I stumbled into the world of work wieghed down by a lack of confidence, no clear direction and little idea of what I had to offer. Everyone else seemed to be chugging along quite naturally, enjoying the challenges. They appeared to have a clear idea of where they were going – I didn’t. I had no answers to the question, “what can I do that will make me feel good and allow me to prosper?” I felt lost.

With no-one to turn to for advice I staggered on. Actually if there had been someone to ask I very much doubt that I would have asked for help simply because I didn’t have any idea what questions to ask.

In one way I was lucky. People gave me things to do. And I did everything I was asked to do diligently and honestly. But the truth was that for much of the time I was bored, and there was a “hollowness” about much of what I did – the work didn’t seem to have much meaning for me.

Before I really knew what I wanted from work or how to get it, I had a family. The responsibilities of providing for others meant that I had no choice. I had to go on doing what I was doing and try to make progress to a level where I would earn the money needed to support us all. The only real joys in my life came from my family life, from playing sports and from reading.

My First Breakthrough

In order to make progress I realised that I needed to overcome some of my in-built anxieties and inhibitions. I turned a fear of making presentations into a relaxed speaking style. I transformed my ability to communicate from modest to effective. I overcame chronic shyness to master the art of motivating and leading teams. None of these changes happened overnight. They all required that I learn and devote time to perfecting the transformations.

Eventually the strain of working in a corporate environment (the politics, the travel and my inability to identify with what I was doing) forced me to the conclusion that I must find a way to be my own person. By then I was earning a good salary but the hollowness was still inside me. I felt that I badly needed to find a way to express myself – to do something that would give me a sense that there was some meaning to my existence.

I started my own business. It was sufficiently successful to keep the wolf from the door. But it only partly allowed me to express myself. However, it opened the door for me to become a coach.

I discovered the joy of developing the potential within other people. I recognised that here, at last, was an opportunity to use all the hard lessons I had learned on my own journey to help other people. I could enable them to avoid the “black hole” in which I had spent so much of my working life.

How I Found My Natural Talents and Abilities

That “black hole” is interesting. I now know from having coached hundreds of people, that it has less to do with what you are doing and more to do with the way that you do it.” When you live your life “your way” it has meaning. When you are trying to please other people life can become “a drag.”

The questions that I eventually learned to ask, and find my own answers for, are listed below. I give the answers that work for me in italics. These will not be your answers but they are an example of the kind of answers you are looking for. They tell you more about me and how I might be able to help you.

Q. Why are you? A. To help other people.

Q. What are you? A. A coach who helps you by getting you to find, within yourself, joyful ways to express who you are.

Q. Who are you? A. Someone who loves to see you realising your potential and loving your life.

I have a simple philosophy: “Answer the question, ‘how do I find my natural talents and abilities?’ Then live in a state of flow and express who you are – this way your life will have meaning and joy.” You will then be making the most of your natural talents and abilities. I work to help people escape the stress that you may currently be feeling in your life. I  release you to make your career, relationships and happiness the way you would love them to be. My coaching and workshops are designed to help you find your real self so that you can release your potential and create the life you want.

     These Are Just Some of the Ways in Which You Will Feel Confident and Strong:
    You will know what you love to do and you will do it excellently. 
    You will be clear about the value of what you love to do. 
    You will know who wants and values what you do. 
    You will feel less stress and frustration. 
    You will know exactly what to do to achieve what you want. 
    Doubt and uncertainty will become a thing of the past. 
    You will be supported as you transition into your new way of life. 
    You will feel that your life has purpose and meaning. 
    Everything you need to do will come naturally to you. 

You’re at your best when you’re in the state of Flow – this should be your aim in everything you do.  To get the help you need to achieve the life you want contact me now.

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    ” When I first came to the workshop, I was in a battered state of mind, and in, perhaps, one of the most confused phases of my life. However, you helped me to overcome my negativity, dispel my doubts, and start enjoying my life once again. It has been a tremendous experience for me, and I will be forever thankful to you for helping me to come to terms with myself, and to stop being “my own worst enemy.” Champeli


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