Develop a Transformational Leadership Style and Achieve Excellent Results


It was the discovery of how to use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that enabled me to create exciting visions and to inspire others with the wonder of those visions. My life changed. I dedicated myself to inspiring others to become inspirational leaders. I launched Leaders Academy International as a vehicle for spreading the gospel of inspirational leadership.

These were not natural skills for me, they were abilities that I learned. So you can also learn to use NLP techniques to become an outstanding leader. You only need to master three areas:

Develop Mundane Business Goals into Visions That Inspire High Achievement

Through our Leader Coaching and Leader Courses you can now master the art of turning business goals into visions that so inspire teams that they rise to the challenge and achieve their objectives with little apparent effort.

A business goal is often a somewhat mundane statement, like: “we will increase sales by 17% in the next year.” An inspired leader might turn that dry statement into a colourful motion picture of thousands of happy customers excitedly leaving shops waving their newly purchased product above their heads. The question then is: “how will you make those customers so happy?” Join our Leader Mindset Courses or Coaching Programmes and find out – the experience will change your life.

“I have come a long way in such a short time and so has my team. Everyone is very positive and happy.” Jesse Mahoney, Leader Mindset Course delegate.

Excite Teams with Your Powerful Communications

Leaders with the right Mindset so excite those around them that they generate an environment in which people become keen to excel, to achieve more than they ever believed themselves capable of, to explore their capabilities and go beyond their limits.

“The team are all communicating  better and the synergy within the room is increasing making the working atmosphere a lot better.” Luke Riordan, Leader Mndset Course, delegate

Imagine Yourself Feeling Self-Confident in Any Situation

Conjure up inside yourself the feeling of calm certainty that you are about to acquit yourself well. Now, imagine having that same self-certainty every day of your life, in any situation. At our Leader Mindset Courses and in our Coaching Programmes you will develop that self-confidence.

“David’s thoughtful, sincere and inspiring attitude enabled me to change my approach to situations I previously found daunting.  His gentle yet determined methods meant that I have progressed significantly more than I expected.” Jane Sutton, Associate Director, Strategy and Development

Your Future

You can either go on suffering the angst of knowing that you are not achieving your potential or you can take action by booking on to a Leader Mindset course or find out about leader coaching through the contact form.

To remain as you are, do nothing.

To change your life – act now!