The Key To A Rewarding Life is to Master The Art of Operating Yourself

“In the last analysis, the individual person is responsible for living his own life and for “finding himself”. If he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence.”  Thomas Merton

What Do You Want?

I believe that the quick way to get what you want is to focus your personal development coaching on understanding how to operate yourself so that you can develop your own unique solutions to the issues you face.

Solutions focus sounds easy, so why aren’t you already doing it?

The issue for all people is that we find it difficult to break out of our own circular thinking patterns. We keep asking ourselves the same questions. Those questions keep us focussed on our problems. We seem to work on the principle that understanding the problem will help us find the answer, but this does not work.

A good personal development coach will focus on uncovering your power to think and act in ways that will enable you to get what you want.

Personal power comes from the ability to think right, feel right and do the right things to take you to your goals.

Whatever you want you can have. Do you want to be a leader, an outstanding communicator, a good friend, to be joyful, to be wealthy, to excel at sport, to enjoy loving relationships, to have a happy family, to run a business – you already have the power to achieve any of these once you tap your personal power.

“Coaching doesn’t change people, it enables them to discover their own resources so that they can make the changes themselves.”  My experience, from having coached over a thousand people, confirms that this is true.

My personal development journey started with wanting to find ways to improve my personal power. This was driven by my dissatisfaction with my performance at work and by much personal unhappiness. I started back in the 1970’s by studying NLP. Since then I have studied Buddhism, psychology, philosophy and learned from the thousands of people who have come to me for coaching sessions and workshops.

My journey has not yet ended, but I do know that I am much less stressed and fearful; I am much happier and more able to express my feelings; and the quality of my life has improved greatly.

Why do I want to help you? The truthful answer is that I do not have a logical explanation. I do know that my career profile says that I should be a “teacher”. I also know that I get a great feeling of having satisfied a purpose when clients tell me that their lives are better, or happier, or more fulfilling, or less stressful, or more rewarding. This usually seems to mean that they have found a means of “creative expression or self-actualisation”.

If what you have just read resonates with you why not sign up for free Personal Power Coaching by e-mail. You will then be able to try out some of my ideas and see how well they work for you. The form to enrol for the coaching is in the right hand column.

My aim is to always ensure that anyone who consults me should leave feeling happier than when we started to talk.

If you would like some personal power coaching, or to join one of my personal power workshops, please contact me.

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