The Hidden Secrets
Of A Rewarding Life

I have a simple philosophy that will enable you to get what you want. I believe that in order to get what you want you have to become the person who can get what you want. If you have not already got what you want you are not yet the right person to get what you want – you have to change. It is my job, as your coach, to help you make those changes.

For your life to be more rewarding you need to get the most out of yourself. You need to know your strengths and how to capitalise on them. You need to be aware of your emotions and how they affect your performance. You need to recognise your habits and how they empower and disempower you.

The challenge that most of us face is that we’re too familiar with ourselves. When we come to self-analyse it’s like standing too close to a mirror, the image becomes blurred. Most of us also have a tendency to forgive ourselves for our weaknesses and to underestimate our strengths.

For your life to be rewarding you need to find a way to audit your strengths, direct your emotions and to develop good habits to direct your actions. Then you can decide how you want to be and develop a way of living that will give you a sense of fulfilment

The 3 Keys That Enable You To Get What You Want

  • Self-Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Action

If your life is not as rewarding and fulfilling as you want it to be it is because of the way you are currently thinking, feeling and behaving. The short answer is that you have to change or you will go on being dissatisfied with some aspects of your life. But, how do you change? And, what do you need to change?

Self-Awareness is an on-going process of self-auditing your performance. However, because you do so much of what you think and do on autopilot (habitual behaviour) you often don’t notice what is happening and how you make it happen. You may need to become more self-aware and to develop a better feedback system. You need to be totally honest and open with yourself about what is going on.

Self-knowledge comes from an understanding of human nature combined with self-awareness. Self-understanding increases your confidence which allows you to explore the boundaries of your capabilities and take advantage of the opportunities that life offers.

Knowledge is the second essential for leading a more rewarding life. You need specific knowledge about how your mind works, what causes your emotional highs and lows, and how you develop the good and bad habits that cause so much of your behaviour. You need to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. You need to really know what you’re good at and what you enjoy so that you can develop a career that will be give you a sense of fulfilment.

Action – to enjoy a rewarding life you need to behave in ways that will make you into the person who creates the life you want. The challenge you face is that you currently have well-grooved habitual ways of behaving. These habits feel “comfortable” and “natural” to you, but some of them are probably keeping you stuck where you are. You probably need to make small changes in the way you behave in order to get what you want.

How to Unlock Your Potential

To get what you want you may well need to do some work on yourself to improve your self-awareness, increase your self-knowledge and probably to change some of your thinking and behaviours.

The only way to unlock your potential is to take personal responsibility for your self. No-one else can do this for you.

In my blog How To Get What You Want I give guidance on what you need to do to make your life fulfilling. My guidance is based on my personal experience and that of over one thousand clients whom I have coached over the past twenty years.