91-Day Self-Discovery Challenge

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The 91-Day  Self-Discovery Challenge is a continuous coaching programme that runs over 91 consecutive days.

During The Challenge you work every day with your coach who guides and encourages you to see your true identity and find the means of self-expression that will enable you to achieve the goals you define at the start of the programme.

The process of constant dialogue enables your coach to spot when you veer off track or have “little moments of weakness” and steer you back on course.

The advantage of this 91-Day Self-Discovery Challenge programme is that you become aware of the habits and behaviours that are preventing you from being successful and take steps to alter your behaviour.

Your coach will suggest to you different ways of behaving that will empower you to reach important milestones that will ultimately lead to you transforming your life.

This is the ultimate guided small steps programme. It moves you forward in steady, easy stages so that you are always progressing within your comfort zone.

Everyone who has completed this programme has experienced lasting change and reached important milestones. Some have broken their habit of procrastination. Others have overcome their doubts. All have grown in confidence and the conviction that they can achieve.

This programme does not let you escape. There is no place to hide. Once you set out you will be accompanied on your journey by a self-discovery coach who is dedicated to your achieving your goals. Together you find the means, the energy and the confidence to complete your journey.

Why does this make sense? Well, even the most experienced mountaineers hire local guides when they tackle a peak they have never climbed before. So when you set out on your personal journey of self-discovery it makes sense to have a guide (coach) to ensure that you reach the summit of your ambitions.

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you, it feels like I’ve made some real head way (& yes I appreciate it is an on-going & continuous process) but I feel a lot better equipped to handle things now. You’ve also been great to work with and I have the utmost respect for you.” Leanne Toward, Marketing Manager

To start a programme all you have to do is complete the contact form on this website and ask for more details.

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