A Common Reason Why We Don’t Change When Dissatisfied

When you think about it logically it is amazing that people do not change when they reach the Moment of Dissatisfaction and feel the pain. I mean, if life is no good the way it is, why not live it some other way? Or, if you hate your job, why go on doing it? Or, if you can’t abide being fat, why go on eating so much?

The fact is that human beings hate making decisions. Nearly all decisions take us out of our comfort zones. Decisions always involve some degree of risk.

It is probably the element of risk that keeps us stuck in the same place. The thought that we do not know what it will be like if we change something is a common excuse for not changing.

Actually this reasoning doesn’t make sense because the only point on which we can be certain with change is that it will be different. It could be “different better” or it could be “different worse”, but until we make the change we don’t know which it will be.

Tomorrow we will discuss how to take the risk out of change.

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