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Thinking is hard work. No-one wants to think. They would much rather simply react. Most people just get a gut feeling and go off and “do” without bothering to think too much. They don’t want to use their minds.

That is why leaders have to be sure that they do the thinking for their teams. Thinking is a key leadership skill.

Outstanding leaders use thinking for situation analysis, setting objectives, strategy development, ensuring good communication, time management, problem solving. This is why good leaders often have Mastermind Groups.

Mastermind Groups are small groups of people, sometimes made up of people with specialist knowledge, who help leaders analyse situations and develop objectives.

The reason why these Mastermind Groups are so valuable is that each person in the group adds to the group’s database of knowledge and adds to the quality of the questions being asked of that database.

Put simply, the process of thinking works by asking questions. If you don’t have answers in your own memory, or personal database, then it makes sense to co-opt other people who might have answers in their databases.

That’s what is meant by ‘leadership made simple’.

Start thinking about the development of your Mastermind Group or Group(s) today.

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