A Story of Awareness from The Zen Zone

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One upon a time there was a cat called Mrs Tiggywinkle. She spent her days planning how she would deal with the mouse whose name was Scouse.

Mrs’s Tiggywinkle’s main strategy was to wander around the house looking for Scouse.

Scouse was well aware of Mrs Tiggywinkle’s strategy and he listened for the sound of her claws clattering on the wooden floor. Once he knew that Mrs Tiggywinkle was in another room he would emerge from his hole in the skirting board and go foraging for scraps of food on the kitchen floor.

For many years the two lived lives that were largely separate except for the odd occasions when either Mrs Tiggywinkle got lucky or Scouse miscalculated.

As Mrs Tiggywinkle got older she became less inclined to wander aimlessly about the house and she hit upon the idea of crouching in an alert and relaxed fashion outside the entrance to Scouse’s hole and simply waiting for him to emerge.

You can imagine your own end to the story.

The moral of the story is that if we go looking for awareness it is hard to achieve, but if we wait patiently in awareness all will be revealed.

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