About David FerrersAchievement Coach & Author

About David Ferrers

Achievement Coach & Author


df-03-smallDavid Ferrers Mnlp has been a full time achievement coach for over 20 years. During that time he has helped individuals and managers at all levels in major corporations and government departments to improve their performance.

David is also the author of 3 achievement books and two novels.

My personal goals are to be a loving, compassionate, self-aware, disciplined person who practices what he preaches. And to express myself by becoming what I can become and helping others to become what they can become.

I am dedicated to enabling people get the best out of themselves, to achieve their full potential so that they can lead the happy and fulfilling life they are meant to live.

I use NLP, mindfulness and practical philosophy extensively in my work to enable clients to better understand themselves, to set meaningful goals and to achieve those goals by living, working and playing to the best of their abilities.

Books: I started writing books in 2014 both as another way to help my clients and followers, and to open up a new avenue for exploring my own Creativity. I have now published five books, all of which are available on Amazon in most countries of the world:

IgniteYourInnerLeader-cover3Ignite Your Inner Leader, 2014. This book tells you how to inspire yourself to become the best leader you can become. It is written as a story rather than a dry text book so as to make the lessons easier to assimilate. It has received good reviews from people at different levels of management and from independent business people.

Journey-book-cover-edition2-kindle A Journey of Self-Discovery, 2015. I tell how the disempowering incidents that dominated my early years let to public speaking terrors, a poor self-image, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Then I show how I overcame these handicaps to build a successful career in multi-national corporations before becoming a renowned personal development and leadership coach. I have also run workshops on the theme of A Journey of Self-Discovery.

The Achievers, 2016. How people like you become achievers and lead highly rewarding lives. Achievers are ordinary people, just like you. What sets them apart from others is what they do. Some achievers are born with talent, but equally some talented people never achiever much. It all comes down to behaviour. What this book shows you is more than theory, it is the practices that  top achievers have developed with the guidance of coaches like the author himself.

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-12-38-45The Hero Of Hastings, 2016. This is my first full-scale novel it was inspired by my ancestor who cam to England in 1066 as a knight in William The Conqueror’s invading army. The Hero came from peasant stock. He fought with sling and bow, sword and battle-axe. He befriended Basques and Moors, Dukes and Kings. He bedded peasant girls and beautiful Ladies with one of whom he founded a dynasty that has lasted a thousand years.

My next book, Annie’s gift is currently being edited by my friend David Norton and will be published shortly.

Why I do what I do:

I believe that happiness (which is love, plus a sense of having achieved what you are capable of and being rewarded for it i.e. fulfilment) is the most important goal in life.” David Ferrers

“For a human being to be happy they must become what they can become.” Abraham Maslow. This is my motto.

To become what you can become you need to:

  • identify what you already know, which is far more than most of us realise.
  • identify your natural aptitudes – so that you can work on and enjoy doing the things you’re good at.
  • Develop those aptitudes into strengths by training, practice and developing yourself – so that you become an expert.
  • Believe in the importance of your strengths, in the ability of those strengths to benefit others, and offer them for the benefit of others – so that you always feel confident and valued.
  • Inspire yourself with your vision of what you are when you use your strengths for the benefit of others – so that you are energised to become the outstanding person you can become.
  • Calm your mind so that you can override your fears – so that you do not place the barriers of “anxiety and fear” across your path to inhibit yourself.
  • Be constantly aware of your feelings and actions, and how they are impacting yourself and others – so that you can always give of your best.
  • Learn, practice, do: learn, practice, do; learn, practice, do – so that you naturally and easily do everything that you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

My Role is:

  • to help you identify your aptitudes and how they can be developed for the benefit of others – so that you always enjoy working to your strengths.
  • To show you how to develop your strengths – so that perform to your maximum potential.
  • To help you clarify your vision of what you are – so that you are constantly inspired and energised.
  • To inspire you to believe in yourself and what you have to offer – so that you work energetically and persistently towards your goals.
  • To show you how to use NLP and Mindfulness techniques to gain control of your mind and make changes in your behaviour – so that you maximise your ability to use your mind in a clear, calm and relaxed way.
  • To accompany you on your journey, showing you how to overcome the barriers of fear and anxiety, until you feel free to fly solo.

“One of the greatest secrets of happiness is to curb your desires
and to love what you already have.”  Émilie du Châtelet

How I work:

The foundations of all that I do are the disciplines of Mindfulness, NLP, Practical Philosophy, Simplicity, Focus and Practice. I use these practices to guide my clients to find and achieve their purpose in life. You can read more about The Journey of Self-Discovery and how it will help you on the Achievement Coaching and Achievement Workshops pages.

You can review what people say about The Self-Discovery Workshops and Self-Discovery Coaching on our What Clients Say page.

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David also leads a team of coaches and trainers who share his passion for enabling people like you to become stylish leaders whom others want to follow.