Attitude Creates Altitude

Be Happy

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OK I know that “Attitude Creates Altitude” is a hackneyed phrase, but that does not prevent it from being true.

When you find people with bad attitude you very rarely find people who are successful.

The fact is that our attitude to what is going on around us makes a huge difference. People who remain cool in a crisis are the most likely to be the ones who find a workable solution. People who are always happy experience more happiness in their lives. People who are always determined to think positively are the ones who achieve their goals. People who are always determined to be at their best whatever the circumstances are the ones who lead happy and healthy lives.

On Monday I spoke about the importance of positive thinking, attitude is an essential piece of the positive thinking jig-saw puzzle. It is a frame of mind that is highly conducive to positive thinking. If you have a positive attitude you are already positive thinking.

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