Author DavidFerrers

Author DavidFerrers

Why Real Leaders Value Being in Charge of Their Own Minds

We are all subject to being influenced by events and people around us. It is common for people to say: “the situation demanded that I do it that way.” But the reality is that it wasn’t the situation that caused you to react in a certain way – it was you response to the situation that caused you to react in that way. You always have a choice about what you do.

Good leaders do not just react or respond to situations – they take the time to analyse (think), “What is going on here?” And to formulate an objective, “What is the best course of action?”

Human beings are hot wired to auto-respond to situations. Response is probably part of our internal fight or flight programme. This means that our responses are mostly habitual or based on what we have done previously in similar situations.

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Leaders constantly ask questions like: “Is there a better way? is this the right way? Is this a good way?” They are in constant quest for improvement.

Outstanding leaders recognise that it is their responsibility to find ways to make improvements for their customers, to cut costs, to optimise profits. These improvements can only be achieved by those who demand of themselves and their teams that they constantly change and refresh their own thinking processes.

Duncan McColl said: “If you do not take charge of your mind, other people and events will do it for you.”

Outstanding Leaders Demonstrate That They Value People

For the last half century it has been the habit of businesses to react to financial constraints by cutting the payroll. This is because people are the easiest asset to dispose of when belts need to be tightened.

Outstanding leaders understand that redundancies cause a ripple of insecurity throughout any organisation. People start to feel insecure. They devote more time to worrying about their futures, their mortgage payments and their debts than they spend on doing their jobs.

When you throw someone out of their job you show that you do not value them and that you regard people as being disposable. Nobody thinks of themselves as being disposable.

Good leaders regard cutting the payroll as an option of last resort. For “bean counters” payroll surgery is their first option. But you see for “bean counters” numbers are all that matter. Real leaders recognise that productivity and profit depend on the output of people so they value people.

No matter how great your special skills, training or ability you will always achieve more by building and leading highly motivated teams than you will by focussing on cutting costs.

Cutting costs almost invariably results in a deterioration of product quality and customer service. Ultimately it leads to poor morale, poorer customer experience and the loss of customers which, in turn, leads to a loss of revenue.

Outstanding leaders value people because they recognise that good people produce good products which create happy customers, which creates profit.