Become a Highly Effective Leader and Manager, made simple

This website will show you the simple way to become a highly effective leader and manager. To develop your management and leadership skills at no cost simply click one of the “Subscribe” buttons in the panel on the right of this page.

Ambitious managers will also keep my handbooks on their desktop for ready reference when they need to refresh their minds about what to do. The Effective Management Series are all available from Amazon at around £2 or $3. They can be downloaded directly to your Kindle, laptop, iPad or desktop – see the panel to the right of this article.

If you would like to consider having me as your coach or have me give a talk on Management or Leadership issues please click this link to use the Contact form.

You may feel that your career has stalled or that there is an opportunity that you would like to take advantage of, but feel uncertain how to proceed; my “Move Up” service will help you.

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Rob Moore - 12/12/2011 Reply

David, you have a lot of great information on this blog and I’m looking forward to learning more from your prospective on leadership. I believe that more people would be interested in becoming leaders if they knew how simple it can be and you’re revealing that information here. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents.

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