What is the Best Way to Choose a Life Coach

It is critical that you choose the right life coach. The coach who is right for you. The one who will help you find your own workable solutions to the issues that you have. Here are the questions you should ask of any coach who you are considering:

  • What experience do you have of dealing with issues like mine?
  • Please may I see what previous clients say about you?
  • Where and when can you meet me? (Consider online video conferencing. It works really well.)
  • Tell me something about your life? (This is to check out compatibility.)
  • Tell me a bit about your career? (This is to check how successful they have been in their own life.)
  • Tell me something about your lifestyle? (This is to check compatibility.)

Other questions that really matter:

  • How many sessions will it take to deal with an issue like mine. (Do not agree to an open-ended contract. Better to agree a set number of sessions which can end at any time by mutual agreement.)
  • Do you do all 1-2-1 sessions or do you do group coaching?
  • What do you see as the advantages of 1-2-1? (Mainly more acute focus on you and confidentiality.)
  • What do you see as the advantages of group coaching? (Less expensive, you learn from others, you learn by coaching others – all provided group coaching is not a “tell you” session but a genuine “tease the best answer for you out of you.”)
  • Where do you conduct your group coaching sessions?
  • What qualifications do you have? (Bear in mind what Albert Einstein said: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Qualifications are not as important as relevant experience.)

A crucial point:

  • Do you feel relaxed and comfortable with this person?
  • Do you have confidence in this coach?
  • Do you feel that they will challenge?
  • Do you feel that they can dig up what you are really passionate about that will revolutionise your life?
  • Do you feel that they will be able to make your passion into a way to live the life you’d love to live?

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