Special Days

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This day is a special day,

It is yours.

Yesterday slipped away.

It cannot be filled with more memory.

About tomorrow nothing is known.

But this day, today, is yours.

Today you can make someone happy.

Today you can help another.

This day is a special day.

It is yours.

Ancient Indian poem

Do you make every day a special day? Or do you allow the feelings that arise from what happens to you to dictate how your day is?

Do you just go with the flow? If other people around you at work are not happy, do you join in with their unhappiness? If the kids make you cross at breakfast time, do you leave your house in an angry mood? If you get flustered by how much you have to do at the start of the day, do you remain flustered for the rest of the day?

The fact is that most of us allow the events occurring around us and the moods of the people around us to infect our mood. We are often dictated to by events outside of our body.


You have your own mind, your own feelings and your own senses. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You don’t have to get annoyed because some small event does not go exactly as you would wish.

The people who succeed in life, the people who are happy, are people who are taking charge of their minds. They discipline their minds so as to take charge of their thoughts and their feelings. In this way they are able to live the life they want to live, rather than living a life that is blown hither and yon by events in the world around them.

Whether you have a special day or a miserable day is entirely your choice. When your senses (smell, taste, hearing, sight, touch or intuition) pick up on something that is happening in your immediate environment, you ask yourself, “what’s this? What should I do about this?” The moment you ask yourself these questions you have a choice; you can either decide to do what you have always done or, you can decide to do something new, something positive. At that moment your day can become special.

Most people do not make decisions at these critical moments. They just go with the flow. They either follow the lead of the people around them, or they take the easy option and do what they have always done is similar situations.

My guru, Duncan McCall said: “If you do not take charge of your mind, other people and events will do it for you.” He was right. The challenge you face is to take charge of your mind.

You are what you think.

Because you do what you think.

Both you yourself and other people judge you, make up their minds about what sort of person you are, based on what you do. It is your actions, which are based on your thoughts, that make you the person you are. It is your actions that make you either feel good and make each day special or your actions that make you miserable.

The key to success is self-discipline. It is not always easy, you have to be aware of what you are doing from moment to moment and then you have to make yourself take the course of action that will make your day a special day.

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