How Can I Progress in My Career?

In order to progress your career you need clear answers to 3 questions:

  1. What are my gifts?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What do I really value?

What I ask of people who are to attend one of my Achievement Workshops is that they write lists of their gifts, passions and values in a notebook. Over the course of the day I suggest that they add one gift, one passion and one value to their lists. You do not need to attend one of my workshops to do this exercise, although it would help you to come to a workshop. You could start to do this exercise today.

Gifts are things you do naturally, you do well, that you enjoy doing, that you do better (even if only a little better) than most of the people you know. A Gift may be something as simple as being able to type with all fingers and thumbs without looking at the keyboard. Or it may be that you can stand on your head. Or you may be able to present fluently. Or you may have the Gift of tongues, languages. Or you may have the Gift of learning. Or a gift for making and keeping friends. Just add one Gift to your list each day for the next 20 days.
Passions are what you really care about, that you feel strongly about, that matter deeply to you. Passions inflame your feelings. I am passionate about my football team, about my family, about enabling people to develop their gifts, about my dogs, using my time well, learning. What are your Passions. Add one Passion to your list every day.
Values are things you would miss if they were not there or things that underpin the way you are. I value justice, friendship, good health, fresh air, nourishing food etc. Add one Value to your list every day.
When doing his exercise do NOT think about the future, about how you would like to be. Think only about the present, about how you are now.
Coaching for Achievement:
There are two forms of coaching that can help you to make progress in your career:
  1. If you are already in a job you enjoy but feel that you could be doing better you will benefit from Achievement Coaching.
  2. If you are unsure as to whether you are on the right career path and would like to explore other career options and get help in finding a new job, I would recommend that you go and see Simon Scantlebury. In my opinion Simon is far and away the best career consultant in Britain. He will give you a free 2-hour consultation so that you can asses the value of his services.

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