How to Build Self-Confidence in a Team


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All leaders who aspire to be outstanding leaders need to know how to build self-confidence in their teams. The reason why this is so important is that when human beings are self-confident they relax, and when we are relaxed we co-ordinte the efforts of all the different parts of our beings with greater efficiency.

An up-tight athlete who bunches up his muscles in order to make a great effort will achieve less than an athlete of equivalent ability and fitness who relaxes before undertaking the same task. It is the same with all human beings. The more we tense ourselves up the less our ability to perform well. This applies just as much to mental tasks as to physical tasks.

To create relaxation in a team the members of the team need to feel confident in their leader and in themselves.

A Chinese proverb says, “the fish dies from its head.” What they mean is that if the head is rotten the rest of the fish will soon die. The same is true of teams, if the leader of the team is not confident the rest of the team will soon lose confidence and thus relaxation and thus performance.

So the way you build self-confidence in a team is to ensure that you, as the team leader, are always confident yourself. Your confidence will always have a powerful effect on the performance of your team.

How to Win Promotion No.4 – Broadcast Your Results

Come Blow Your Horn

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The biggest mistake an ambitious manager and leader can make is to fail to tell people how good he/she is. Oh yes, I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t want to gain the reputation for being a ‘big head’, someone who is always blowing his/her own trumpet.”

I didn’t say you had to be a ‘big head’ or to become an insufferable boaster. But I do say, “If you don’t blow your horn no-one else will do it for you”. You should also bear in mind that the people above you have a lot on their plates, they are not on the lookout for every one of your victories. So you have to find a way to “blow your horn” in a way that is acceptable in the culture in which you work.

The acceptable way to describe your successes to any forum is like this:

1. you describe the situation or task.

2. You say what you personally did and what your team did. During this part of the description you use the first and third persons singular.

3. You give the results of your and your team’s activities as a simple statement of fact e.g. “sales increased by 24%”, or “the task was completed on time and within budget”. During this part of the description you do NOT use the first person at all. You simply allow the results to speak for you.

Remember this formula for broadcasting your successes – Situation, Action, Result.