How to Win Promotion No.4 – Broadcast Your Results

Come Blow Your Horn

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The biggest mistake an ambitious manager and leader can make is to fail to tell people how good he/she is. Oh yes, I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t want to gain the reputation for being a ‘big head’, someone who is always blowing his/her own trumpet.”

I didn’t say you had to be a ‘big head’ or to become an insufferable boaster. But I do say, “If you don’t blow your horn no-one else will do it for you”. You should also bear in mind that the people above you have a lot on their plates, they are not on the lookout for every one of your victories. So you have to find a way to “blow your horn” in a way that is acceptable in the culture in which you work.

The acceptable way to describe your successes to any forum is like this:

1. you describe the situation or task.

2. You say what you personally did and what your team did. During this part of the description you use the first and third persons singular.

3. You give the results of your and your team’s activities as a simple statement of fact e.g. “sales increased by 24%”, or “the task was completed on time and within budget”. During this part of the description you do NOT use the first person at all. You simply allow the results to speak for you.

Remember this formula for broadcasting your successes – Situation, Action, Result.