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New Year Resolution Suggestions

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New Year’s Day postcard mailed in 1909. Wikipedia

According to an article in Forbes magazine 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and only 8% succeed in achieving their New Year’s goals. Other research suggests that the percentages are similar in most countries around the globe.

So what is going wrong here? Why such a high failure rate?

One possible reason is that the resolutions are not well formed. The aim of this article is to start you thinking about what you would really like to achieve in the New Year. Then on 31st December I will be issuing a video to guide you to a much better way to formulate a New Year’s resolution. Correct formulation of any of your goals will greatly increase your chances of success.

First though let’s look at possible areas of resolution that you could consider:

  1. I would like to lose weight
  2. I would like to give up smoking
  3. I would like to get a more fulfilling job
  4. I would like to become fitter
  5. I would like to be healthier
  6. I would like to be happier
  7. I would like to earn more money
  8. I would like to conceive a child
  9. I would like a loving relationship
  10. I would like to start my own business
  11. I would like to buy a new car
  12. I would like to move house
  13. I would like to take up a sport
  14. I would like to find an interesting hobby
  15. I would like to learn a language
  16. I would like to increase the size of my business/ or advance my career
  17. I would like to travel the world
  18. I would like to laugh more
  19. I would like to have more fun
  20. I would like to feel more confident

For the purposes of developing your ability to use NLP as an effective way to achieve your goals, please select just one item from the above list. Of course if you have some other desire that is more important to you that is good.

Turning your wishes into well formed outcomes is the subject of the short, simple video I will be issuing to my Facebook group Win With NLP on 31st December. Well formed outcomes are fundamental to the achievement of goals. Get this simple step right and it opens the door to much fulfilment in your life.

As you go forward through the year your journey will be supported by further videos to empower you on your travels.

For now just choose the one goal you would like to achieve in the coming year and write it down somewhere that is accessible to you. Then┬ámake sure you are a member of the free Facebook Group “Win With NLP” and a short, helpful video will come your way on 31st December.

A Merry Christmas Video

This video is about how to use a simple NLP technique to ensure that you can feel merry whenever you wish at Christmas time.

It is designed for everyone who needs a little boost to make sure they enjoy a Very Merry Christmas.

You may be so deliriously happy yourself this Christmas that you do not need this help. But you may know someone who is not as fortunate as yourself, if that’s the case you may like to pass this video on to them.

Children love to play with NLP techniques like this one. They work very well for children because of their unfettered imaginations.