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Feeling Groovy

Use Personal Power to Avoid Meetings

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Meetings are the curse of the management classes. However, those with true personal power can often obviate the need for meetings by asking a simple question. How can you make this happen in your life?

When someone asks you to attend a meeting ask this question: “What is the issue or problem that you want to discuss in the meeting?”

When the person who is requesting the meeting defines the problem or issue, ask this question. “What would it be like if this issue was already resolved?”

Often you will find that in describing what it would be like when the issue is solved the other person will realise that they knew the solution all along.

However, when they cannot give a precise answer to the question you may well find that between the time of requesting the meeting and the actual time of the meeting they will have come up with a solution. You may still have to attend the meeting but it may well be a much shorter meeting than normal.

Once you start to think about the questions you could ask you will find that your personal power can increase enormously. Asking questions puts you in the driving seat. Questions make the other person think which can save you the trouble of having to think yourself. Questions are the key to finding solutions.

Personal Power and Mind Fitness

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Personal Power is the result of taking charge of our minds in order to make ourselves powerful. Now, new research proves the positive effects that exercise has on our brains. So, it would seem logical to assume that exercise can play an important role in  increasing and maintaining your personal power.

You know that exercise helps to keep your body in good shape by reducing fat to prevent weight gain and combat muscle loss.

Now experts from the University of Montreal have produced evidence to show that a group of overweight men, average age 49, managed to improve their mental agility as a result of exercising to reduce their weight. The men used a twice-weekly regime of indoor cycling, weight training and interval training. After 4 months their attention span, information processing, short-term memory and flexibility of thought had all  improved significantly.

Further research has also shown the benefits of exercise on reducing middle-age stress and depression. In particular, running has been shown to have an especially beneficial effect in combatting depression.

The evidence in favour of regular exercise is mounting as a result of scientific studies being carried out at Cambridge University, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the University of East Anglia, the UEA Medical School and the University of British Columbia.

For middle aged people a combination of running and weight training seems to be most beneficial. For older people walking, weights and yoga are beneficial.

To increase your personal power, pay attention to your physical fitness and improve your mind fitness.

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