Meaningful Business Answers

Meaningful Business Answers

Survey Reveals Formula Used by Millionaires to Make Their Fortunes

Discover the real difference that allows millionaires to make their fortunesIt’s not like you think. They don’t have a “magic touch”. The real differences between us and them are in the way that they think and behave.

First of all, they start in a different place. They don’t go looking for a business or proposition that is guaranteed to make money or that has potential to make money. They start by asking themselves, “what do I enjoy doing, what do I love and what completely absorbs my attention?”

Their Aim is Flow

What they are looking for is an opportunity to work in a state that the Hungarian American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls “Flow”.

“Flow” is completely focused motivation. It is single-minded immersion and represents perhaps the ultimate in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning. In “flow” the emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energised, and aligned with the task at hand. Professor Csíkszentmihályi has carried out studies on thousands of individuals in his search to understand and describe how the state of “flow” enables so many high achievers to reach their goals.

Flow has a strong, documented correlation with performance enhancement. And this is why millionaires, top sports people and others who are high achievers find “flow” so valuable – it enables them to focus all of their energies in a laser-like way on achieving their objectives. Furthermore it allows them to do this with enjoyment.

What The Survey Reveals

Millionaires behave in this way:

  1. They find what they love to do and they then do what they love doing. This gives them a strong sense of purpose. It gives their life meaning. It’s not the money they’re after, but the pure enjoyment of doing what they love. The money comes as a result of their sense of purpose. Their happiness is in the doing, not in the result.
  2. They work with a clear vision of the outcome they want. They work to their own goals, not someone else’s. They concentrate on one task at a time.
  3. They have rituals that they follow in their work. They enjoy their rituals and they use them to get into the state of “flow”. These rituals enable them to be very disciplined. They are happy in their work because they spend so much time in the state of “flow”.

How to Get Into the State of Flow

  • Know what to do
  • Know how to do it
  • Know how well you are doing
  • Notice the challenges
  • Know what skills you need or where to get them
  • Be free from distractions

(Source: DePaul University)

Your Next Step

You need to discover what you love doing. Then you can enjoy being in the state of “flow” and devote all of your energies to what you’re passionate about. This is the essential first step that all high achievers take. It will lead you to your Big Idea – the personal, unique vision on which you can then focus with full attention. A good way to start is to attend one of my regular workshops that are designed to enable you to Discover Your Passion.


What is the best way to start a business of my own

Discover what you love doing and how to make that into a successful businessWhen you start your own business you open the door to being able to live your life exactly as you please. You could be able to go where you want, when you want, with whom you want.

The key is to make sure that your business in sufficiently profitable to support your desired lifestyle. Let’s see how you could do that.

Rosie Metcalf had an ordinary, not very fulfilling, not very well paid job. However, Rosie loved messing around in the kitchen,  She just loved trying out different ingredients, combining them in novel ways, creating flavours and inventing recipes. The question she kept asking herself was: “how can I earn a good living from my unique recipes?”

She knew that she didn’t want to work in a restaurant under a chef. She also knew that she didn’t want to do a cookery course of any kind. But, what did she want to do?

She decided that she wanted to cook inventive recipes for other people’s enjoyment. But, how could she do that? She decided that she must find a way to make her love of inventing recipes into a business.

Her first step was to create and write down 20 recipes. Then she made them into a selection of menus. Then she went online and started a blog, “Let me cook inventive recipes for your dinner party with a difference, in this area.” She put her original menus on the blog and invited people to book her to cook in their kitchen for an evening.

To her surprise and delight she got two bookings within a couple of weeks.

Rosie kept the business going for two years and then she started her international cooking school, Invent Your Own Recipes. With this business she now runs courses all over the world.

What can you learn from Rosie’s story?

First, Rosie was clear about what she loved doing. When you love what you are doing the passion takes over and you get swept along by your own energy. it becomes imperative that you find an outlet for your energy.

Second, she built her own style of cooking “inventive recipes” into a brand. It was slightly different, original.

Thirdly, she clearly defined her target market – people who like to give dinner parties and want something a bit different to offer their guests.

Fourth, she built her blog, her medium of communication, to appeal to local people who could afford to give dinner parties and liked to be slightly original.

How to solve the hardest part of starting a business

Without a doubt the hardest part of starting a business of your own is deciding what you want to do.

Rosie’s secret was that she followed her passion. But most of us find it difficult to isolate that passion. We tend to have many interests and likes, but find it almost impossible to isolate the one interest that we can get passionate about.

Often our passion is only revealed when we dig into an interest and find out what it is about that interest that keeps us engaged, keeps us coming back.

The Discover Your Passion 1-Day workshop is an economical way to spend a day with a top life coach. You will peal off the layers of doubt and uncertainty. You will get clear about what you really love to do and can get passionate about. You can find details about the next workshop here – just click the link or you could do nothing and just go on feeling frustrated and uncertain about what to do.