Coaching Yourself to Create a Bestseller

Today, 26th June 2019, I started to write the forward to the book.

The book has been at the planning stage for a couple of weeks. That time has been spent in creating a mind map and in endless discussions with myself about tone of voice, subject matter and the normal vascillations that occur at the start of any major project.

It is something of a relief to have actually got started. But as I have said elsewhere this project is not simply about writing a bestseller, it is about how to CREATE a best seller. A big part of the project is around what I will be doing to market the book in order to make it sell well.

Let’s be honest about it, most writers just want to write, that is the bit that we all enjoy. But what’s the point in expending all of that effort if no-one ever gets to read our output. I have 8 published books only one of which sells in any meaningful amount and even that does not create sufficient income to cover all of my monthly outgoings.

The other point that really matters about this project is the concept of coaching myself. As I write the book I will be consantly coaching myself to keep myself going and to make sure that I do all the necessary, non-writing, work required to get the book moving off the shelves once it is published.

I will be publishing the book in e-book format on Smashwords, where the book is already available for pre-order, and subsequently in paperback on Amazon.

The purpose of my blogposts is to allow other writers to follow what I am doing in real time so that they can learn good practices for creating bestsellers of their own in any genre. You can follow the posts that I will write at important stages in my progress by checking in here or by signing up to follow me on Feedburner whence you will be notified whenever I publish a new post on this bolg.

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