Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

This is a page about the seminars and coaching we do for companies in the UK, USA and Asia to develop the potential of business leaders.


Our approach to developing leaders is based on the premise that the leader, at any level, already knows the answers. We believe that when you ask yourself how to do something you already know the answer.

Leaders who work with us will be constantly challenged to think, to work out for themselves what needs to be done and how to do it. Out role is to guide our clients to the right way to look for answers rather than to tell them the right answers.

We show our clients how to use NLP and mindfulness techniques to become thinking leaders. Once you are a thinking leader you are then able to make your mind calm and clear, and your body relaxed. You are then able to achieve at your best.

The aim of The Achievement and Leadership corporate programme is to produce leaders who are calm, relaxed, energetic, motivated and clear thinking. The work we do with clients releases the skills and abilities within the individual leader so that they go confidently forward with their work.