Do You Make This Leadership Mistake?


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This is a mistake that leaders make constantly. It is unnecessary and thoughtless. It tends to show a preoccupation with “self” and the leader’s own tasks rather than due attention to the needs of the team.

The mistake is to fail to show gratitude to those who help you. The members of your team are working day in and day out to produce the best work of which they are capable. Their efforts contribute to the reputation of your team and to your reputation as a team leader. But do you thank them?

There are often small events that go unnoticed. Yet those small tasks are important in the grand scheme of things. They are often the cement that holds the wall together. A failure to recognise those small services is a failure of attentive leadership, a failure to recognise that someone has been of service to you.

This is a time of year when we give gifts to those we love to thank them for their love. It should also be a time of year when we give the gift of a “thank you” to those who have helped our teams to achieve results.

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