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You know that when you feel enthusiastic about something you have more energy. When you feel enthusiastic you get these sudden bursts of energy and everything seems to be much easier to accomplish.

So enthusiasm is a good emotion to feel. It energises our efforts and enables accomplishment of tasks.

However, enthusiasm is difficult to sustain. Very few people, in my experience, and I’ve been a life-long people watcher, ever manage to maintain high levels of enthusiasm over extended periods. It seems that for most people enthusiasm waxes and wanes like the tide on the sea shore.

Therefore there is a built-in danger with enthusiasm. When you feel enthusiastic you are full of energy, but when the enthusiasm wanes the energy dies with it.

My conclusion is that enthusiasm is a wonderful source of energy, but it is not the right energy to deploy when you are aiming to achieve a long-term goal.

Enthusiasm is therefore a poor emotion to deploy when you want to achieve long-term changes in your life. For the attainment of long-term goals you need more of a steady, plodding type of energy. An energy that will always be there for you to rely on. It may not be such a “high energy” type of energy as you get from enthusiasm but it is a longer lasting type of energy. Such energy comes from a self-image of determination and self-discipline.

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