What is the best way to develop a success mindset?

You can develop a success mindset just by making a few changes in the way that you thinkMost successful people are known for being open minded. They are learners. They treat each new experience as an opportunity to learn. They actively engage in conversation and debate in order to examine their opinions and ideas. They read about their main interests but also read widely in order to understand the points of view of others. They attend seminars and other learning forums. They are constantly seeking to develop and update themselves.

Conversely unsuccessful people tend to have closed minds. They are stuck with their opinions. They are averse to anything that is outside of their comfort zone. They become aggressive when their opinions are challenged. The idea of change in any shape or form is anathema to them. They lack daring, the courage to explore different worlds, new ways of doing things.

If there is one thing that defines failure it has to be a lack of adventure – unwillingness to explore. To look for ways to improve yourself, to see what the world has to offer.

The Success Mindset

Successful people are not necessarily more intelligent than others. Neither are they always more knowledgeable. What marks them out is that they are positive that they can make a difference, that they can achieve results – and they are prepared to put themselves on the line to prove it.

Successful people are always clear about where they’re going. They’re not just going to the races, they’re going to Ascot races.

They know the benefit that they will get from achieving their goal. This may be a feeling, or greater status, or an improvement in their reputation.

They have a plan for how they will get there. Yes, successful people are always planning and scheming to make their vision their reality.

To a successful person obstacles are just challenges that they must find a way around, over or through. The one certainty is that they will not prevent the attainment of the goal. They are prepared to change direction, if that is required. They’re even prepared to change themselves, if that is necessary.

The success mindset recognises that change is a constant in life. Hence they are always ready to change and adapt to new situations. For them this is a major reason why learning is so important. They must be ready for whatever shows up.

For the same reason they make sure that they are always closely connected to experts. They make sure that their network includes experts in many different fields so that they can always ask an expert when they are uncertain of what to do next.

Successful people work hard. And their hard work is purposeful, well directed.

How You Can Develop A Success Mindset

If you have been brought up in an environment where negative thinking is prevalent, or you are surrounded by people who express negative thoughts, you have to make a conscious effort to change your mindset. If you go on as you are now, you will always remain as you are now.

First you need to decide what you want to become. Set yourself a target. When Leo Burnett started the advertising agency that still bears his name, he set the target: “Create the best advertising in the world – bar none!”

Once you have decided what you want to be, make a note of the benefit you will get from being that person. (In Leo’s case this was the sheer fun of being able to produce excellent ads day in and day out.)

Then you need to notice what you do now. You need to watch your thoughts and listen to what you say. The moment you become aware of a negative thought or of negative speech, ask yourself: “what is a positive way to think about this or to say this?” When you do this constantly, it will become your habit to notice yourself and to change.

Finally you need to start educating yourself. Become an expert in your field of endeavour. Become an expert at using a Success Mindset. Read. Go on courses. All successful people start by getting themselves clear about what they want to become. It’s time to be 100% clear about what you want to become – join our Discover Your Passion 1-Day Workshop.

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