Good Leaders Use the Viral Effect of Good Feelings

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Emotions are contagious. Good leaders understand that there is power in the viral effect of good feelings. They make it their business to ensure that they spread their good feelings around. By doing this they energise their teams.

Of course the contrary effect also applies. Bad feelings also spread like viruses. So it is important for the leader to use his self-discipline to keep his ill humour in check and not spread it about. Bad feelings lower morale and have a limiting effect on productivity.

Leaders should never forget that they are broadcasting stations moving around amongst their teams. Everyone is watching you, gauging how you feel, making judgements about how approachable you are, how tough you are likely to be if they make a mistake.

To ensure that you have good emotional control you need to practice constant awareness. You need to be aware of what you are feeling from minute to minute. Because you can be sure that the moment you lose control someone will be watching and reacting. Practice self-awareness.

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