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We all have habits. Some are good habits, some are bad habits and some are helpful. We grow habits for the purpose of saving us the bother of having to think what to do next.

Some habits are just reactions to situations. Many people bite their nails because they feel bored or nervous. Other people smile when they feel nervous, some twist their hands together.

We develop habits by the simple process of repeating an action or thought repeatedly so that we groove the behaviour into our memory. Say you have the habit of chewing gum. This habit may have started when you accepted a stick of gum from someone else. You enjoyed your first chew, so the next time you were offered some gum you accepted readily. Soon you had the idea of buying your own gum. As you chewed your way through your first pack of gum you gradually became a habitual gum chewer.

But, how do you change a habit that you do not want to continue with?

You change habits in exactly the same way as you developed them in the first place – except you simply don’t do what you have habitually been doing.

The first step is to develop your belief that you can change a habit. So, start to do a few things that will break you of habits. For instance you might try:

A) sitting in a different chair at home or when you attend work meetings.

B) Sleeping on the other side of your bed.

C) Eating a different cereal for breakfast.

D) Taking a different route to work.

E) Drinking tea instead of coffee.

Make a list of all the things you could do differently. Pick three items from your list and do those three things differently for a whole week.

Now pick on a habit that you would really like to change. What is the opposite of that habit. Start to do that every time you feel the urge to behave in your old habitual way.

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