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I have been an achievement coach and mentor for some thirty years. During that time many of my clients have expressed their gratitude for the work that we have done together. But today one of my clients did something so exceptional that it just blew my mind.

This is someone that I have known for over 5 years. Originally she attended one of my workshops and we have kept in touch ever since. She is one of those people who has pursued her dream with ever-increasing intensity. It has always seemed to me that she was doing something every day to move in the direction of her vision. Such dedication and perseverance is both important and inspiring for me. As a result I have always encouraged her.

My encouragement has taken the form of inviting her to my online workshops, suggesting reading material, posting on her Facebook page and generally supporting her efforts. It may not sound like much, but I can tell you that having fans is very important for self-employed entrepreneurs. Just knowing that there are people who appreciate what you are doing is an incredibly valuable form of support because it makes you feel valued.

Because over the years I have been lucky enough to have a few fans I really understand their value in helping to maintain one’s energy and motivation. I always try to do the same for any of my friends whom I perceive to be making a genuine effort to reach a life objective. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time but it gives me satisfaction to do this for them.

One of the ways I have supported this particular person is to write occasional comments on their Facebook page and blog. I consider this form of reviewing rather like sending a “thank you” letter or a text after a party. Just a little courtesy and “thank you” for helping others to move forward. It only takes a few moments of my time here and there, but it is enormously important to the recipient.

Today the person who is the subject of this article took “thank you” to a whole new level. Totally unsolicited, she dropped $250 into my PayPal account. When I saw the email from PayPal I initially thought it was another scam. But when I realised that it was actually money and who it was from, I was flabbergasted. Such generosity from someone who is by no means wealthy was unexpected and wonderful.

How will I spend the money? First off I will raise a glass to my benefactor this evening in the restaurant where I will be celebrating my birthday with my family. The rest will be spent on promoting my book SWAP, The Best Way To Make Your Dreams Come True, because I want to reach out to as many people as possible so they can join my benefactor and I in enabling people to become what they can become – that is the most sure route to happiness.


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