How Aiming For Excellence Can Make You Successful

ExcellenceMost people do not achieve the success of which they are capable simply because they do not aim high enough. One of the most powerful NLP techniques is to aim for excellence.

The reason why most people do not aim for excellence is that they have a fear of coming up short. “If I fail I will feel bad,” is what they tell themselves. And so they set themselves lower, more achievable goals.

Let’s think about this again. If failure causes you pain you might as well aim high because the pain will be little more intense than if you fail when aiming lower.

And anyway, what is all this talk of failure. This is about excellence.

If you model the behaviour of people who attain levels of excellence in their work and you then behave in the same way, the likelihood is that you will achieve success.

Give yourself a break – aim for excellence and at least you won’t come up with a handful of mud.

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