How Are You?

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How are you? Clear, Focussed, Positive, Committed, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Involved, Bubbling with Energy?

How are you? A bit muzzy, doubtful, unclear, waiting, tired?

Can you spot the difference. This question, “how are you?” is loaded!

Ask yourself, “how are you?” When your answers point you towards the way you want to be, then you’re on your way, with bags of energy to get you there.

Ask yourself, “how are you?” when you give yourself fuzzy answers, full of “mights”, “maybes” and “when I’ve got the time/the money/the resources” you are going nowhere. You are wasting today.

So, how are you? Tell me. Join the conversation. Ask questions. Commit.

Or you can just hit the like button and sit on the sidelines.

So, are you joining in, getting involved, helping your friends by getting them involved?

How are you?

My comment on the post above:

I woke up at 06.00 on the day I wrote the post above. The question, “how are you?” was in my mind. I was thinking about how people always answer it as if it is an enquiry about their health. But, if you open your mind, the question can have a much wider meaning.

I played around with the question, keeping myself well outside the box. As I did this I became increasingly excited about the possibilities for using the question when I am coaching people. This is not just a question about someone’s health. It also encompasses their emotional state, what they are seeing and hearing. It is about how they are in the world and how they appear in the world.

Mostly we appear to others, out there in the world, according to how we are feeling inside ourselves, how we see ourselves. So we can always appear in any way that we want to be seen, even when we are not feeling so great, if we simply act as if we are feeling the way we want to appear and be judged.

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