How Do You Feel Today?

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Yes, I know it’s Monday morning, but is that any excuse for feeling anything other than great?

Whose feelings are we talking about here?


So, why would you decide to feel anything other than absolutely superb?

It is common for people to allow events in their lives to cause them to feel in a certain way, but you always have a choice. You do not have to allow your autopilot to cause you to create feelings as a reaction to the world around you.

Annoying things happen, scary things happen, lovely things happen – it is always up to us to decide how we want to feel in response to events. And, even if our initial feeling reaction is one way we can always change our feeling to the way we want it to be.

What I am talking about here is using your conscious mind to take control of your unconscious (pre-programmed) response to events in your life. As an NLP practitioner you can make these choices and thus ensure that your feelings are always in a better place.

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