How Excellence Accelerates Getting What You Want

When you do something really well, by which I mean to a standard that it well above normal, it gets noticed. And when people notice good work they also notice the person who produced that good work. Excellence therefore builds your good reputation. And a good reputation spreads like a virus. You soon become a ”go-to“ person.

If what you are thinking about, feeling and doing is valuable or important you feel better about doing it excellently. Excellence therefor should always be your goal because the achievement of excellence makes you feel good. Excellence then is not just an outcome, it is also a motivation.

How to Motivate Yourself To Always Achieve Excellence

This is what I do. I start by asking myself, “what outcome do I want here?” For instance as I write this article I ask myself, “What do I want people to think, feel and do when they read this article?” My answer is, “I want people to make excellence their goal in everything that they think, feel and do. And then I want them to enjoy the benefits of setting themselves the standard of excellence.”

OK, “So what is the standard of excellence that I have to set myself as I write this article that will cause readers to set themselves the standard of excellence? And, what are the benefits that they will enjoy when they achieve that standard?”

As I ask myself these questions I feel excited (motivated) by the idea that my readers will set themselves the standard of excellence. I am even more excited by the vision of many people enjoying the rewards of enhanced reputation and getting what they want.

How to Make Excellence Your Standard

It is simple really – whenever you think about something or do something you just ask yourself, “What can I do to make my thought or my action excellent? What does excellent look like, sound like or feel like in this situation?” Most important of all is to ask yourself, “Who will benefit from my excellence and in what way will they benefit?” Then just visualise them enjoying that benefit.

The trick here is to be constantly aware of what you are thinking and feeling. When you notice weak thoughts simply ask yourself, “how should I be thinking in order to raise the bar to excellence?”

The important point here is to be determined and persistent. You have to keep at it. You have to be constantly aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. You have to keep badgering yourself. You must not allow yourself any slack. You must not let yourself off the hook. You must be disciplined. You must be persistent. Visualise yourself being disciplined and persistent all the time.

Simply by being disciplined and persistent you will develop the habit of being excellent in your thoughts and your behaviour. Then you will reap the benefits of excellence.

How Excellence Will Benefit You

The great point about thinking, feeling and behaving excellently all the time is that it makes you feel so good. You feel good about yourself because you are producing quality work.. You feel good that you are benefitting others.

These good feelings have the added benefit that your self-image improves, you value yourself more and as a result your confidence also rises. Also, as others benefit they will credit you with having caused the benefits they experience and that will add to your self-esteem.

But excellence doesn’t just make you feel good it improves the quality of your output and thus enhances your reputation. And good reputations build good friendships, good networks and good businesses.

With all these benefits of excellence on offer surely you should start right away. Make excellence your default standard in everything that you do. Start now.

Here Is Your Excellence Mantra

Here is your mantra for excellence. Start saying this today, “Before I start anything I always ask myself, ‘how can I do this excellently?’”

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