How NLP Works

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The more I study NLP and the way that peoples’ minds work the more I come to the conclusion that the great benefit of NLP is that is allows you to use your conscious mind to take control of your unconscious mind.

So many of our actions happen on autopilot. We find ourselves in a situation, or we see something, hear something, taste something, smell something or touch something and we respond to the stimulus of that “something” without conscious thought, we simply react, on autopilot.

In order to make changes in our lives we need to interrupt that autopilot reaction and behave in a new way. That requires that we consciously respond in a different way.

And, once you have responded in your new, desired way, you need to go on and on behaving in that new way until that new way becomes your new autopilot response.

We learn by finding out that there is a new way to respond and then by repeatedly using that new way. Learning is education plus repetition. That is how new patterns of thinking and behaviour evolve.

That is how we improve ourselves and the quality of our lives.

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