How Outstanding Leaders Inspire People No.2

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There are many ways that people can be inspired. Great deeds, oratory, art, beauty, architecture, music, literature, scenery, movies and events can all inspire people. The question is: “How do you use such inspirations to inspire your team at work?”

Outstanding leaders are always looking for opportunities to discuss inspiring events, to draw people in to the feelings that are generated by a great event. They discuss the event with huge enthusiasm because they know that the enthusiasm they demonstrate will be contagious, it will give their audience the confidence to discuss and will lift their spirits.

When you can link an event to a project on which your team are currently working you can really inspire people. For instance, if you are working on a presentation, you might gather your team together to watch a video of Steve Jobs making a presentation. After the video you might discuss his presentation, with great enthusiasm, and then set your team the challenge to do even better.

Challenges can inspire people provided that there is an end goal. For instance athletes are inspired by the vision of winning Olympic gold medals, tennis players are inspired by visions of winning Major Championships, sales people can be inspired by visions of winning large accounts. Steve Jobs inspired Apple employees by challenging them to produce “technology products that people love.”

To inspire your team create a vision. Make your vision a picture that people can see becoming a reality. Enthuse about your vision. Encourage people as they start to put the pieces of the vision in place. Celebrate when your vision becomes a reality.

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