How To Feel Happy

What you need to realise is that you have a choice. You can choose to be happy or unhappy.

This sounds almost too simple to be true, but it is true. Think about it like this: “Whose feelings are your feelings?” Yours, right. “Who creates your feelings?” You do, right. What could be simpler then than for you to create the feelings that you want.

Now, here’s the problem. You have an innate resistance to creating your feelings. You have an expectation that something has to happen in order for you to feel happy. You have grown up thinking that it has to be your birthday, or you have an exciting date, or it is Christmas time in order for you to feel happy. But this is simply not the case. All of these events or occasions are simply triggers that set off your happy feelings. The actual feelings are entirely yours.

You can trigger a happy feeling at any time, all you have to do is make the decision, “I will feel happy now.” That’s it!

This is what Groovy People do. We simply take charge of our minds and decide how we wish to feel at any given time. We don’t rely on other people or events to trigger our happiness – we do this ourselves.

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