How to Win Promotion No.3 – Results

Another quotation from Vince Lombardi inspired this article: “ If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”

Make no mistake those above you in your organisation are keeping the score. They are looking all the time for those who get results and those who just make up the numbers.

If you want to win promotions – get results!

People who get results have a steely determination to win. This doesn’t mean to say that they ride roughshod over others. No, quite the contrary. They recognise that they must have the full and energised support of their team if they are to get the results they so fervently desire.

To help you achieve results I have just published my second Effective Management handbook – Leadership At Work Made Simple. It is now available for the shockingly low price of only £2.14 on Amazon.

This handbook will provide you will a ready-reference of everything you need to do to become an outstanding leader. They type of leader who gets results and steadily works his way up the promotion ladder.

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