How Winners Think

Discover how winners think and how you can benefit from thinking the same wayand why the way they think matters

Someone once told me, “if you want to be a winner, you’ve got to think like a winner.” Yes, but how do winners think?

It all starts with them asking themselves, “where am I going?” In answering this question they decide: what they’re going to be the best at. This could be business, TV personality, sport, comedy, medical research, farming or maybe even politics. Once they have chosen their field, they then drill down to something specific. For example: farming strawberries, hockey goal minder, technology company director, political foreign policy and so on.

Know Your Subject

Once a winners have decided on their area of specialisation they set out to learn everything they can about their subject. They research, they read, they watch videos, they attend lectures and workshops, and they write about their subject in order to deepen their knowledge.

They set themselves the standard of being excellent at what they do. Then they study how the best people in their area behave. In particular they watch how they behave in crunch moments when they really have to be at their best. Only when a winner knows what the existing best people do can they start to fine-tune their own performance to emulate the best in their field.

Be in the Present

Winners practice being in the present. They do this for two reasons. One, they realise that much time is lost worrying about what might happen in the future. They don’t want to waste their time in this way, so they focus on what is going on right now and on making things happen immediately. Second, they know that the achievement of excellence demands one hundred percent concentration on what they are doing. They practice mind control as a discipline because they know that when they are in charge of their mind they are also in charge of their feelings. Control of feelings enables them to channel their energy precisely where it is needed.

The Power of Wanting

You can want like a child wants a toy for Christmas. You can want by hoping that things will turn out for the best. These are just vague hopes that you will get what you want. Or you can fall in love with what you want – make wanting what you love a powerful driver of your thoughts and your behaviour. This attitude of total focus on wanting was summed up in a recent interview with Chris Froome, winner of the 2017 Tour de France and La Vuelta. He said, “For me the drive comes from wanting something so badly that everything else becomes irrelevant.”

How You Can Become A Winner

As you can see there is nothing particularly difficult about what winners do. What makes them different is the dedication, persistence, determination and desire with which they do it. Some winners have a talent for what they do, but talent alone is never enough. The pages of history are littered with examples of people with talent who squandered the jewel with which nature had endowed them.

To join the ranks of the winners all you have to do is: decide where you are going (make it specific), learn everything you can about your subject, study what the best in your chosen field do and how they do it, and practice focussing all of the time. Then just want it so much that everything else becomes irrelevant. You can learn a lot more about this from my book Create The Life You Want. or you might like to attend a Discover Your Passion 1-day workshop to help you clarify what you really want to do with your life.

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