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Inspiration is a “sudden happy idea” that causes you to “feel inspired.”

Inspire, from the Latin spirare to breathe, literally means to breathe in sharply or catch your breath.

When you inspire you cause someone to catch their breath as if amazed and surprised by the wonder of the thought that has just come to them.

Inspired is the state you are in when you have ideas that are so wonderful that they inspire yourself and others. It is both a thoughtful/creative state and an emotional state. Therefore inspired ideas have strong motivational qualities. They inspire people to action.

“Inspired Thinking” is thinking in an inspired state in order to create ideas which will inspire and motivate both yourself and others.

“Inspired Thinking” Coaching

When you are coached using the “Inspired Thinking” method you will find yourself constantly inspired to make the changes necessary in your thinking and behaviour that will take you to a much higher level of performance in both your personal and business lives.

To understand the process fully and find out what it can do for you it is best to start by having a brief chat with me. Please use the form below to get in touch to arrange a telephone discussion.

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