Is This The Most Common Reason For Achievement Failure?


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Just about every project has an objective and a plan. So, if one assumes that the people following the plan are reasonably competent, why do so many plans fail to result in the achievement of the objective?

You could say it is due to a lack of persistence or a lack of funding or a lack of expertise, but in talking to hundreds of senior managers another reason emerges:

a lack of BELIEF.

Far too often the leaders do not believe fully in the objective or the importance of the objective. Their lack of belief cascades down through the team which results in a lack of commitment and half-hearted effort.

You see this all the time when people go on diets to lose weight. They are not fully committed to their outcome because they do not really believe that they can lose weight, they may even have a negative belief working against them that losing weight will not do them much good anyway.

The same lack of belief can invade work projects when team leaders “carp” about their superiors and do not fully commit to a project. The lack of enthusiasm communicates to the members of their team and before you know it the result is in jeopardy.

NLP Practitioners have long recognised the importance of belief and have developed powerful ways of instilling belief into individuals.

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