Know Yourself

Knowing Yourself Adds Meaning and Purpose to Your Life

The words “Know Thyself” are inscribed above the door of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. So “knowing yourself” has been considered important since the beginnings of time. But how exactly does “knowing yourself” lead to happiness, good health, great relationships and prosperity?  

On this page I discuss five pillars of self-knowledge that will enable you to scratch your itch and lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.

How Self-Knowledge Will Benefit You

Once you really know yourself and release the inner Rebel that allows you to express yourself your ability to get the most out of yourself and to experience life to the full will be greatly enhanced.

  • Greater vitality and more pleasure will be yours. Simply by being yourself you will feel more alive and your life will be a richer and more rewarding experience.
  • Doubt will give way to more confident inner feelings leading to stronger decision making and actions.
  • Easier self-expression will make it more likely that you will get what you want. This will often enhance your happiness.
  • Self-control will enable you to resist bad habits and develop stronger habits.
  • Understanding the values that motivate you will develop your willpower and enable you to enhance the good habits that will ensure that you achieve your goals.
  • Knowing the prejudices that have arisen from your personal struggles and confrontations will give you greater understanding and tolerance of others.
  • Decision making becomes easier when your goals are clear and you know what matters greatly to you.

The Foundations of Self-Understanding

The five pillars of self-knowledge are your Strengths, Interests, Values, Nature and your Beliefs.


To your abilities, skills and talents you need to add character strengths like respect for others, empathy, love of learning, loyalty, fairness, humility and emotional intelligence. Your self-confidence is built on knowing that you have these strengths. Pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal feedback that highlights and increases your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. Make it your habit to develop the strengths that make you feel good about yourself.

As a general rule it pays to hone your strengths into superpowers and accept that you need to find ways to work around your weaknesses.


What are you constantly drawn to watch, read about and listen to? Your repeated actions indicate your interests. Ask yourself, “What repeatedly grabs my attention?” “What arouses my curiosity?” “What makes me feel concerned?” “What arouses strong feelings?” Those interests that constantly attract you are indicators of where you are most likely to achieve success.

A friend of mine couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play golf. But he noticed that he didn’t just love playing the game, he liked watching others play, reading about the game and helping others to improve their play. He used his knowledge, enthusiasm and interest in others to become a successful coach.


Which of these really matter to you: creativity, action, caring for others, health, clarity, inclusion, love, friendship, security, honesty? Are there other values that you want to add to the list? For a longer list of values and to discover how to use your values to help you achieve more click this link to my Know Your Values article.

Stress test your values by asking: “Does having this value enhance my life?” Or, “if this value did not exist in my life, would my life be poorer?”


Your nature is your way of being. It is what you do naturally, often without thinking. Are you impulsive or can you not move without direction? Do you enjoy solitude or must you be surrounded by people? Do you like detail or are you happy with an overview? Do you act intuitively or must you have loads of facts? What situations make you feel uncomfortable? Are you an Action person or a Thinker, perhaps a Dreamer? Do you like the outdoor life or are you happier indoors? Are you a saver or a spender?


Your beliefs are the emotional engine that drives your thoughts and your behaviour. When you believe passionately you find emotional energy pounding through your system and you become unstoppable.

Important beliefs include: the belief in justice, fairness, democracy, equality, God and belief in yourself.

What beliefs do you hold?

Putting Your Self-Knowledge to Work

Knowing yourself will not automatically enhance your life. You need to put the knowledge to work by knowing what you want, having a plan, motivating yourself and taking action.

Some people find that they can get to know themselves and decide what they want and how to get it with relative ease – most of us find it difficult to dig within and get to know ourselves and what we want.

Your greatest asset is self-awareness. Just keep watching what you think, feel and how you behave.

In my The Itch blog you can study ways of getting to know yourself better. You will learn how to use self-knowledge to get what you want.

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