Leadership 2 – Awareness

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A good leader is constantly aware of what is going on around him/her. Their antennae are acutely attuned to the atmosphere, to the body language of each member of their team, to the tone of voice that is employed by those talking to them. They are also keenly aware of the impact of their own body language, the words they use and their own tone of voice.

The keys to awareness are: Alertness, Focus, Concentration and Clarity. The good leader employs his eyes, ears and feelings to connect with his surroundings.

As those of you who have read and are practicing Power Affirmations will know you can amplify the effect of all of your senses by enlarging, colouring, increasing volume. bringing closer, framing, adding movement, increasing speed and creating shapes.

When you get yourself into the state of being aware you will find that you have far greater control of your team and the quality of your communications will improve greatly.

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