Leadership 3 – Responsibility


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A responsible leader sets clear, achievable short and long-term goals for himself and his team in consultation with his team.

Responsible leaders trust and give responsibility to the members of their teams.

The responsible leader takes ownership of decisions and strategies and does not try to “duck” when the going gets tough.

Responsible leaders ensure the development of those in their team.

A responsible leader calculates the odds carefully and does not take unnecessary risks.

A responsible leader  generates the motivation and will to do within the members of his team by generating trust, camaraderie and a sense of purpose.

Responsible leaders ensure that their communications are always clear and, whenever possible, inspiring.

Responsibility is a personal choice, but it is only by giving and taking responsibility that control can be achieved.

Those who take responsibility enhance their own self-esteem and thereby grow their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities.

The responsible leader coaches the individuals within his team as well as his team so as to bring out the best performances of which they are capable.

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