Leadership Development Tips For First Time Managers

For first time managers, they need to be equipped with leadership development tips that will help them execute their duties much more efficiently. The mere fact that a person was an effective worker does not mean that he will be a capable leader. This is especially in a situation where this person has to manage and lead his own group of peers.

Begin by accepting the fact that you have a lot you still need to learn. There is no dispute you have worked for that promotion and that you are among the best in your field. You may however find you still lack the required self confidence needed to lead a team.

You should therefore be prepared to learn. Clear communication with team members is very important. Keep the team informed of project goals, deadlines and other priorities as and when they arise. By being able to communicate effectively, you are able to gain the credibility and admiration of all your team members.

This means that you must be in a position to welcome questions and provide the relevant feedback as well. Being clear on the direction your team will be taking is also highly welcomed. It shows the rest you are in control.

As a leader, it will be important to set a good example for the rest. You must demand from yourself the same level of commitment and professionalism you demand from the rest. Dedication to team goals and objectives will also be very important.

Encourage your team to provide you with regular feedback. As a first time leader, you will find that team members are at times unwilling to provide their opinion on various issues. Use clever and subtle prompting to get them to reveal what their concerns are and the type of training they require.

Learn to offer recognition where it is due. Do not shy away from publicly offering recognition and criticism where it is required. When offering praise, it does not always have to carry a formal intonation. Make this part of your day to day communication strategy and you will have a very easy time as manager.

Being a leader will require that you be very decisive. Quality leaders are people who make decisions and stick to the decisions they have made. No single person is comfortable working with a leader who changes his opinion with a whim.

For every new assignment assigned to the team, take time to explain how the successful completion of this project fits in to the company goals. This way, you are helping the employees see the bigger picture. It also helps them understand that for each successfully completed task, they are bringing the firm closer to achieving its objectives.

New leaders will find that leadership development requires them to create an environment of constant learning. This is for both the managers and their teams. Creating such an environment enables the team to explore new methods that can be used in achieving their goals within a shorter time frame and without compromising the project goals.

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