MyIkigai.OrgEnables You to Find Your Reason to Live


Enables You to Find Your Reason to Live

We believe that to lead a happy and fulfilling life you have to become what you can become. The best way to achieve this is by using your innate talents, skills and abilities. The Create The Life You Want process uses the My Ikigai philosophy as part of our process to ensure that you become what you can become.

This is how the Ikigai process works to release you to become what you can become:

  1. We help you unearth what you love doing; not just in general but specifically.
  2. Together we then develop a way of moulding what you love doing into something that the world needs.
  3. We work out a way that you will be well paid for what you love doing.
  4. You work to become excellent at what you do so that you prosper.

Following this strategy ensures that your passion becomes your vocation and profession. You become a person with missionary zeal for what you do. You will have that highly contagious quality of enthusiasm.

Life Coach David Ferrers has 25 years experience of using this process to help people like you create the life you want. You can work with David in private coaching sessions or at his 1-day live workshops or online group coaching sessions. Best of all you can spend a week with David and other top coaches at his India workshop┬áin beautiful Kerala creating the life you’d love to live.