NLP Practitioner Develops Your Confidence To Succeed At Whatever Is Important For You

David Ferrers M.nlp – photo by Hugo Philpott

From the desk of NLP Practitioner David Ferrers,

My role is simply to enable you to feel confident that you can succeed at whatever is really important for you. Whether you are currently leading a team, delivering a presentation, playing a sport or acting a part, NLP can enable you to do it to a very high standard – absolutely naturally.

My job is to make you an expert at using NLP techniques that have been described by Time Magazine as, “one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence”.

People are the engine room of every business. They are the source of the ideas, the energy, the efficiency, the productivity and the customer service that drives a business forward.

Imagine a precision instrument that records the actions, words and feelings of the best performers. Then download that data to a powerful decoder that analyses and codes the behaviour. Transfer the code to your personal control panel so that you can reproduce excellence at will. This is how an NLP Practitioner works. As part of your Business Coaching or Training you will master the art of building your own control panel. You will then have the power to influence opinions and outcomes in order to grow profits.

To improve the performance of your business invest in your people. Release them to be themselves so that they can deliver all of their human talents for the benefit of your business. Do not train them to be automatons, train them to release their creativity, their inventiveness, their desire to do well – and they will work wonders for you.

Experience shows that you will get your results most quickly by working in my business coaching programme. During the coaching you will master the ability to use NLP Techniques to:

  • influence opinions and actions
  • become a highly effective leader
  • grow your business
  • increase profits
  • motivate people
  • communicator concisely
  • manage your time efficiently.

You will learn from a very experienced coach, writer and speaker on Influence, Management, Leadership, Personal Development and NLP topics who has been a practicing Business Coach since 1995. I am an NLP Master Practitioner. I learned my skills from Richard Bandler the founder of NLP.

I have coached senior managers in a diverse range of corporations and Government departments including: British Gas, Defra, Dell, GMAC, J&J, Knauf Drywall, Land Securities, P&O Ferries, Prudential, Reed Business Information, Total Jobs Group, The Cabinet Office, Xerox, Yves St.Laurent.

I started my career in the advertising agency business. I worked as a copywriter and as an accounts manager; the advertising agencies where I worked included BBD&O and Leo Burnett. Client companies for whom I produced advertising included Coca-Cola, Nikon, Japan Airlines, Shell, Aiwa, Firestone, Esso (Exxon), HMV, Royal Mail, Sunkist and Dunlop to name but a few.

After my advertising career I set up a marketing agency that specialised in helping small and medium sized advertising agencies to win new business. I ran this business for nearly a decade before becoming a management, leadership and personal development coach trading as Personal Performance Coaching Ltd.

If you prefer to learn in a small group you can opt for one of my one-day short Business Courses where you will learn to use NLP Techniques in your work which will make you a highly effective at sales, communication, leadership, business growth, motivating people and time management.

This is what some of my colleagues and clients have been kind enough to say about me on LinkedIn:

“I’ve worked with David in the context of his NLP coaching and training and I am deeply impressed with the level of humility combined with deep competence that he brings to his work. Not only is he excellent at using the combination of his business acumen and his NLP skills, he has a sensitivity to simultaneously learn while creating the conditions for profound learning of others. The other characteristic which stands out for me is the wisdom which he brings to each encounter and which he whole-heartedly shares. He is a joy to be with and to learn from.”

Gene Early, Partner at Leaders Quest

“David is a most astute and exceptionally motivating coach with great personal and professional integrity. For somebody with such depth of experience, he is remarkable in his continuing quest for learning and improvement, whether it’s sport, business or leading a balanced life. He works skillfully with many different types of people, and encourages them to find their potential with their own formula. The support he provides always exceeds what one can reasonably expect. The initiative he recently took to set up a service to support executives hit by the economic downturn shows imagination and compassion.

Lucian J. Hudson, Director of Communications, The Open University

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘coaching’ before my first session with David. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was aimed at improving me, as an all round person, working in a management position, rather than turning me into a more efficient machine for the company. I know now that the latter is an output of the former, but you get so much more with it. It’s really made the biggest difference to my outlook, and in my opinion has been the best money spent of any ‘training’ I’ve had. Give him a go, you won’t regret it!

Chris Loveless

“David is a very sincere person of great generosity and depth. It is clear that for him coaching is a passionate vocation and that he takes great personal motivation from supporting and developing those with whom he collaborates. I received coaching from David for 12 months – a new experience for me. During my time with David I learnt to greatly value the reflexive view that he could offer me on my own motivations and behaviours – helping me to understand the impact I have upon others, to place greater confidence in my existing strengths and to find the subtle adjustments that could open up improved relationships with colleagues at all levels. Aside from his acute understanding of mind and behaviour, David is in himself an inspiring and deeply interesting person. An author, entrepreneur, leader and man of countless other histories, he is able to blend theory with a rich human experience.

Iain Lennon

“David is a fantastic coach. If you want someone to make you and your managers think, to really make a difference, look no further.

Oliver Burns

“Throughout the 12 months I worked with David the time was both valuable and extremely rewarding. I found David was able to provide an impartial perspective to my role in a large organisation and allowed me to view both myself and the environment I worked in from an outside perspective. This has ultimately allowed me to enhance my personal delivery, work ethic and approach towards others in business. David’s experience in business and his knowledge of behavioural attributes allow him to provide excellent advice and coaching. I would be happy to recommend David to others looking for support in career development and realising their potential to succeed.

Chris Fosberry

“I would highly recommend David as a leadership coach. He has had a very positive impact on the people he has worked with here. He has a gentle but challenging approach that drives constructive self insight leading to improved performance.

James Cahill

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