No. 1 – Awareness of Your Thoughts

Awareness is knowing what’s going on inside and all around you.

Awareness is knowing what’s going on inside and all around you.

Today we are only going to talk about what is going on in your mind.

The job of your mind is to analyse what is going on so that you can decide what you should do.

Try this, for just 2 minutes, sit still, close your eyes and focus all of your attention on the traffic going through your mind. Please do this now – close your eyes and focus inside your mind.

Did you notice that you searched first for information from outside: you listened and sniffed to try to discover what was happening in your environment? You wanted to connect and to know that you are safe. But then, once there was nothing coming from outside, you started to focus on the traffic going through your mind. Perhaps you looked back and saw something that happened recently, or perhaps you looked forward and imagined what might happen in a certain scenario, or perhaps you started to plan the way you would like something to work out.

Thoughts are going through your mind all the time. You cannot stop them, it is the nature of your mind that it keeps searching, imagining, planning, deciding and changing its decisions.

The more conscious you are of what is happening in your mind the better will be your ability to direct your thoughts in the direction in which you would like your life to go.

Today’s exercise: at regular intervals, tune in to your mind and watch what is going on in there. Knowing what is going on in your mind is one of the most important skills you can have. It will enable you to become whatever you wish to become. Groovy people are aware of what is going on in their mind all

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