No. 2 – Awareness of Your Senses

You become aware of what is happening in the world around you by using your senses. You do this without being conscious of what you are doing.

Your ability to see, hear, touch, taste and smell connect you to your environment. You might like to think of yourself as being a “mobile sensing machine”. You move through the world with your sensing antennae always alert, always picking up signals from your current location.

Your senses are designed to keep you safe by alerting you to danger. They also keep you informed of what is happening in your world.

As you walk along the pavement in the town you see the other pedestrians, you see what is displayed in shop windows, you see the traffic on the street beside you.

As you pass the coffee shop you smell the freshly ground coffee.

When you enter the coffee shop and buy a coffee you taste the flavour on your tongue.

When it starts to rain you feel the raindrops on your head.

You hear the raucous sound of the flashy sports car as it speeds up the street,

You senses are always alert, always guarding you, always alerting you to opportunities

Today’s Exercise: at regular intervals, tune in to your senses and watch what is going on around you. Knowing about your surroundings is an important skill to have. It will help you to become whatever you wish to become. Groovy people pay close attention to their senses so that they never miss opportunities. Groovy people are sensitive to their environments.

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