No. 3 – Awareness of Your Feelings

What you are feeling matters greatly for two reasons:

  1. Your feelings make your life happy or unhappy.
  2. They provide the level of energy for what you do.

It helps the quality of your life when you are aware of what you are feeling at any given time.

If you are experiencing a good, positive feeling you can improve the quality of your life by intensifying the feeling.

Alternatively, when you are experiencing an unhappy or negative feeling you can change it in order to improve the quality of your life.

Your feelings are entirely your own. You create your feelings. You can decide whether you wish to go on feeling any particular emotion. You can then decide whether to change the way you are feeling or whether to intensify the level at which you are experiencing that feeling.

Most people don’t think at all about their feelings, they just accept that whatever they are feeling is a natural consequence of what is happening in their life. But this is not so. You always have a choice. It can sometimes be hard to change a feeling, but it is always possible.

Today’s exercise: at regular intervals, tune in to your feelings and ask yourself, “am I enjoying this feeling? If so do I want to enhance the feeling? If I am not enjoying feeling this way, how would I like to be feeling?” Knowing what is going on in your feelings is one of the most important skills you can have. It is only when you make yourself conscious of what is going on in your emotions that you are able to gain control of this important source of positive happiness and energy.

Being aware of their feelings and taking charge of the way they feel is what groovy people do.

You will learn more about how to control your feelings in future posts. Or you can learn how to do this by reading the book Feeling Groovy.

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