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Self-expression is the release of your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You express yourself when you just naturally allow these feelings, thoughts and ideas to just tumble out of your being. When you do this your personality, your true identity, reveal themselves for the benefit of others.

Self-expression becomes natural for you when you find your True Identity. This automatically leads to your being able to express yourself fully and powerfully. Once these two essential pieces have been fitted into the jig-saw of your life you are well on the way to happiness and fulfilment.

You already have multiple identities. You invent identities to enable you to fit into different environments. However, if you feel frustrated and consider that you are not achieving all that you feel you are capable of, it may well be because you have not yet found your true identity.

Your true Identity already exists, but it may be camouflaged by the multitude of other identities that we each adopt in order to satisfy what we consider others expect of us or to meet urgent needs to earn money. This true identity is built on your values, beliefs and the things that you enjoy and are naturally able to do well. When you do things well you are expressing yourself and that feels good.

When you subsume your true identity in activity whose sole purpose is to earn money you are liable to feel stressed and over-stretched. Or when you cannot express yourself through some valuable activity in your life you are likely to feel frustrated that you cannot release the pent-up feeling that your life could be so much more worthwhile if only…….?

The main purpose of my Writing Coaching and Writing Workshops, is to enable you to uncover your true identity so that you can fully and passionately express yourself.

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