Self-Help Books and Novels

Self-Help Books and Novels

Books: I started writing books in 2010 both as another way to help my clients and followers, and to open up a new avenue for exploring my own Creativity. I have now published six books, all of which are available on Amazon in most countries of the world:

Simple, practical 5-part process that transforms your career, relationships, prosperity & happinessCreate The Life You Want shows you a simple, practical, 5-part process that will transform your career, relationships, prosperity and happiness. When you need to release yourself from stress, money worries and other people’s agendas this book will help you.

In these pages you will learn to use the Ikigai process, developed over many centuries in Japan, to enable you to discover your specific reason for living. You will then learn how to develop what you love doing into a product that you can leverage to prosper in all aspects of your life. You will find an audience interested in what you do. And you will become excellent at what you do so that you prosper in your new way of living.

A simple NLP method for swapping bad habits for goodSWAP, 2017. Simple ideas to inspire you to transform yourself from stressed, anxious and unhappy to relaxed, positive and happy. Have you ever wondered how outstanding people become excellent? Well now you no longer need to wonder. SWAP will make you an expert on how to exchange wondering for knowing. More than that it lays out a route for you to follow to achieve whatever you most want in life.


Inspire yourself to become the best leader you can becomeIgnite Your Inner Leader, 2014. This book tells you how to inspire yourself to become the best leader you can become. It is written as a story rather than a dry text book so as to make the lessons easier to assimilate. It has received good reviews from people at different levels of management and from independent business people.

Discover your strengths and how to use them A Journey of Self-Discovery, 2015. I tell how the disempowering incidents that dominated my early years led to public speaking terrors, a poor self-image, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Then I show how I overcame these handicaps to build a successful career in multi-national corporations before becoming a renowned personal development and leadership coach. I have also run workshops on the theme of A Journey of Self-Discovery.

How people become achievers and lead highly rewarding livesThe Achievers, 2016. How people like you become achievers and lead highly rewarding lives. Achievers are ordinary people, just like you. What sets them apart from others is what they do. Some achievers are born with talent, but equally some talented people never achiever much. It all comes down to behaviour. What this book shows you is more than theory, it is the practices that  top achievers have developed with the guidance of coaches like the author himself.

The Hero came from peasant stock and rose to nobility with the help of a beautiful womanThe Hero Of Hastings, 2016. This is my first full-scale novel it was inspired by my ancestor who cam to England in 1066 as a knight in William The Conqueror’s invading army. The Hero came from peasant stock. He fought with sling and bow, sword and battle-axe. He befriended Basques and Moors, Dukes and Kings. He bedded peasant girls and beautiful Ladies with one of whom he founded a dynasty that has lasted a thousand years.

My next book, Annie’s gift is currently being edited by my friend David Norton and will be published shortly.