“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Timothy Gallwey

You may believe that you are not accomplishing all of which you feel yourself capable, but what to do about it? Self-discovery coaching could be your answer.

Talking to friends is often unsatisfactory because they tend to tell you what they think you should do which is often an expression of what they themselves would like to do, if only…. The role of a coach is to first help you self-discover what you want, and then work with you to get you to do what you need to do in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

Working with a self-discovery coach is a very private experience. The purpose is to explore your thoughts and feelings so as to find the combination that will unlock the potential that is uniquely yours and release you to go forward with your life.

“Coaching doesn’t change people, it enables them to discover their own resources
so they can make the changes themselves.” Insoo Kim Berg

We offer two types of self-discovery coaching programmes for private and corporate coaching.

Corporate Self-Discovery Coaching

Face-to-face: This can happen physically or via Skype. The normal length of a programme, which has proven to be highly effective for the past 20 years in producing quick results, is 12 x 50-minute weekly or fortnightly sessions.

When we are asked to coach several people within one corporation we run “clinics”. The corporation provides a meeting room for the required number of 50-minute sessions and each candidate has an appointment with the coach.

Continuous Self-Discovery Coaching – The 91-Day Self-Discovery Challenge


“I’d just like to say a massive thank you, it feels like I’ve made some real head way (& yes I appreciate it is an on-going & continuous process) but I feel a lot better equipped to handle things now. You’ve also been great to work with and I have the utmost respect for you.” Leanne Toward, Marketing Manager

A less expensive alternative to our full 12-session face-to-face coaching programme is for 3 x 50 minute Skype sessions backed up by 91 days of continuous self-discovery e-mail coaching. At your first Skype session you explain your “issues and desires” to your coach, then you set goals for desired outcomes from your programme. From then on you e-mail your coach at the end of each working day telling them briefly what happened during the day, what you did, what you thought and what you felt. By the next morning your coach will respond with suggestions, thoughts, comments and motivations designed to enable you to keep moving towards your goals. Whenever you feel a need or your coach considers that you need some special training you take your second and third Skype sessions. This is a relatively new programme for us; the results from our first set of clients have been excellent.

“I am very grateful for your coaching over the last three months. It was a journey which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes it was difficult to fit in the daily emails among all the busyness but as I took time to write – it always turned out to be a rewarding experience.

“Thank you for your patience, the experiences from your own life that you shared and the generous supply of quotes and teachings. Thank you for being there for me every day and always ready to guide me with your kind advice and direction. I am sure that I will miss your emails, but I agree that it is best to take some time to integrate the changes that I created for myself based on your coaching.

“I believe the format of the course was very clever, it worked for me. Working with the questions and sending emails every day has made me constantly “in the programme” throughout the three month period. It was an intense training even though it did not feel that way.

“There were many benefits, learnings and realisations for me, but I believe that the main benefit is what I feel is the permanent change in my underlying state – a subtle shift from being stressed and angry to being more internally relaxed. I am very grateful for this.”

Dorota Tsatsaris, Director Software Engineering

The big advantages of this programme are its immediacy and the fact that your coach gets to really know you and understand the way that you work and is therefore able to taylor the coaching very precisely to your needs.

About Our Coaches:

In my experience the best coaches are people who have experienced ups and downs in life and come through the obstacle course “scathed” but “better, wiser and more fulfilled as a result of their experiences”. They have learned techniques for self-understanding, for overcoming the fears that limit us, for discovering what is meaningful, worthwhile and valuable, and for setting and achieving goals.

Good coaches do not have an agenda or a proscribed way of coaching. Each client is a fresh page, a new challenge that requires a unique approach tailored to that person. This will be developed as the coaching progresses and will be developed from the client’s resources. In my case I also use The Journey of Self-Discovery method that I developed to enable my clients to find and achieve ways of living that allow them to feel purposeful and happy.

The aim is always the same, to provide you, the client, with a vision of your future and the means of making that vision your reality. For people who are deeply concerned about their lives, their direction and who want to find more meaning in life we run a special Journey of Self-Discovery programme.

In order to be able to achieve meaningful goals in life you need to make changes in what you do. You need to learn how “to operate yourself”. Such profound learning is not going to happen overnight. You have been trying to master your thoughts and your emotions for a lot of years. You have maybe read books and been on courses. And still you don’t have the answer. So, don’t expect an instant miracle from your coach. A good coach will help you move forward, but give your coach a chance and allow sufficient time. Coaching is very likely to prove helpful for you as it has helped many others – see what clients say.

For an initial discussion about which type of coaching programme might work best for you, please contact us to arrange for a no-obligation chat to start the ball rolling.


David Ferrers - 11, February 2015

I have been coached by David and it revolutionised my life. Rachel

Wendy Brown - 11, February 2015

David’s a great coach and has helped me alot. Thanks!

David Ferrers - 11, February 2015

Thanks, Wendy.

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