The Benefits Of Living In The Zone

cherries-for-successThe first benefit of living in The Zone has to be Calm. One feels a definite lack of stress, what can best be described as feeling ‘untroubled’. It’s not that one is uninterested or unconcerned about what is happening in the world around one, but rather that one feels slightly detached. Events and occurrences that might once have caused a strong emotional reaction are now greeted with thoughtful calm.

To be in a state where one reacts slowly to provocation and does not easily get aggravated has a profound effect on one’s self-image and self-esteem. And that, in turn, seems to improve the thoughtfulness with which one offers one’s opinions which have usually been considered before being exposed to the judgement of others. Perhaps one could say that people who live in The Zone appear to be more mature.

The second benefit of living in The Zone is Clarity. One seems to form more clear mental images on one’s thoughts. Perhaps it’s because, being less excited, one takes more time to think things through before offering an opinion. There isn’t the same sense of haste about getting to a result. Somehow being considerate is more important than being first to say one’s piece.

The result of this extra clarity is that one feels more confident of one’s self and one’s opinions, more mature, more authoritative.

The third big benefit of living in The Zone is that one feels more relaxed. As a result one behaves in more relaxed ways. Tension does not build up anything like so easily. Even in previously stressful situations one is able to remain calm, clear-headed and relaxed so that one makes good decisions and does not act over-hastily.

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