The Critical Moment for Change

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The reason why the Moment of Dissatisfaction is so important is that it is the moment when you have the maximum amount of AWAY motivation.

Motivation works in two ways – you either have towards motivation, which moves you towards something that you want or desire; or you have away motivation, which moves you away from that which you do not want.

Away motivation is associated with things that are painful or not wanted. Put your hand into a fire and the pain will cause you to move it sharply away from the heat.

Another key point about the Moment of Dissatisfaction is that Away motivation tends to be short-lived. As soon as the pain goes so does the motivation. This is why bullying is so ineffective as a management style. As soon as the victim is away from the source of their pain they lose motivation.

Also, people tend to become accustomed to pain and it then ceases to have any motivational effect.

So, once you feel the moment of dissatisfaction it is critical that you make the change quickly.

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